Sometimes you need to pause

Sometimes you need to pause

A pause, even a long break, can be good to gather your thoughts and decide where you want to go next.

‘A pause at the top, you need a pause at the top to generate momentum.’

John Updike. Rabbit is Rich.

Sometimes you need to pause
Photo Credit: alias franjomolitor via Compfight cc

Sometimes our minds say really unhelpful things that are best left unsaid. Sometimes we hold ourselves back from saying what is important because our minds tell us we will look stupid. Instead I would like to encourage you to communicate thoughtfully. To ask yourself what you want to achieve, and then what you need to say and do in order to make that outcome more likely. It is okay to pause.

Paul E. Flaxman, Frank W. Bond, and Fredrik Livheim. The Mindful and Effective Employee: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training Manual for Improving Well-being and Performance.

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