Santa and other fun fairy tales

Santa Claus and other fun fairy tales

Remember when you believed in Santa? It was great fun, and then you grew up. Our beliefs change over time, we don’t have to hold onto them too firmly.

Santa Claus and other fun fairy tales
photo credit: vpickering via photopin cc

This is even after the Easter Bunny turned out to be a lie. Even after Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and Saint Christopher and Newtonian physics and the Niels Bohr model of the atom, this stupid, stupid kid still believed the Mommy

Someday, when he’s grown up, the Mommy tells the shadow, the kid will come back here and see how he’s grown into the exact outline she’d planned for him this night.

It wasn’t until years later, until this stupid little loser was through college with honors and he’d busted his hump to get into the University of Southern California School of Medicine—until he was twenty-four years old and in his second year of medical school, when his mother was diagnosed and he was named as her guardian—it wasn’t until then that it dawned on this little stooge that growing strong and rich and smart was only the first half of your life story.

Chuck Palahniuk. Choke.

At some point you probably used to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy or dragons, goblins and vampires. And almost everyone changes some of their beliefs about religion, politics, money, family or health at some point, as they grow older. So by all means, have your beliefs— but hold them lightly. Keep in mind that all beliefs are stories, whether or not they’re ‘true’.

Russ Harris. The Happiness Trap.

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